The Author Rachhpal (Rush) Sahota, is a retired Scientist from Procter & Gamble. A regular contributor to, he likes to write Book reviews, intriguing scientific facts, and matters of the day to day interest. He is currently working on a book, a literary fiction with the working title of ‘The Badge of Indignity.’

The story is set in Punjab, India, during the last quarter of the 20th century. Born untouchable in a society where scripture sanction prejudices, Jaggi struggles to live with dignity. However, one can never put away the identity of one’s birth.  Jaggi nurtures a dream to escape the social intolerance by moving to the USA and works hard to make his goal a reality. However, as he grows older, he sees children, the other untouchables like himself, who need his help to break the cycle of oppression. However, before the opportunity to move to the USA presents itself, Jaggi’s conscience and empathy guide him to lead the children in their struggle, instead of running away to fulfill his own dreams.

Expected Publishing Date: by the end of 2020.