Published by TNM on Jan 23, 2023

Available on Amazon in Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover formats.

Set in Punjab in the 1980s and 90s, chasing Dignity is the story of a young outcaste boy who sets out to succeed in an intolerant Indian society. When Jaggi begins school, no one expects him to make it through primary school, including his teacher. However, his proud mother is determined to help her son succeed, despite their low caste. The story weaves through the centuries-old caste-based social structure that still dominates Indian society. Along the way, Jaggi crosses paths with several strong-willed men and women who defy the social norms and help him along the way. But what does success mean for him? Can he achieve it, or does it even exist?

“The book beautifully depicts the complexities in the life of a typical village of Punjab. The lucid, absorbing narratives are captivating- a must-read.” —Dr. Satinderpal Singh Sangha, Former Dean (CODST), GADVAS University, Ludhiana.

“This is not only a wonderful and worth reading literary creation but also a book which documents a lot of information about folk traditions, social institutions and cultural heritage of Punjab.”  —  Harvinder Chandigarh, Joint Director Planning, Social Scientist, and Punjabi writer.

“Jaggi and Navi’s relationship assumes an independent status within the novel of a touching love story amidst all the social tensions associated with caste. … the language beautifully captures the tenderness of the young lover’s feelings and expressions.” —Dr. Pritam Singh, DPhil, Professor Emeritus Oxford Brookes Business School, Oxford, UK.

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